The Accountant Movie

This weekend I decided to go see the movie, ‘The Accountant.’ The accountant is currently receiving a 49% on Well, it’s receiving a 49% from critics and an 87% from audiences.

Normally, the critics and audiences are within 10% of each other. So, this is kind of a confusing rating. Good movie? Or sucky?

The official rating reads something like this:
“The Accountant writes off a committed performance from Ben Affleck, leaving viewers with a scattershot action thriller beset by an array of ill-advised deductions.”

What does ill-advised deductions mean? How would critics know what was or was not cut out of the movie?

Regardless, I side with the audience’s view. I thought it was a good movie. I was entertained from beginning to end.

Did, “The Accountant”, move me in ways I’d never been before? No. It’s not an earth shattering piece of art. But it’s still a dang good movie.

I thought Affleck did a great job. I was rooting for his character the whole movie.

The story was filled with just enough plot twists to keep you engaged. I don’t want to give away too much. But, I will recommend this movie to anyone who asks.