My Mermaid Piece

Today I finished my second mermaid piece. I thought I might talk about it a little.

mermaid_inksMy process for this piece was pretty simple. I drew it out roughly in pencil. I use a blue lead pencil because when I ink over top of it, it’s easier to scan in the inks. I then inked it with markers. The markers I use are made in Japan. I use the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens. They come in two types. Hard and Soft. I use a combination of the two.

Then I scan my line art into photoshop to do the coloring process.

Right now I don’t have a Cintiq so I’m using a small Intuos to paint in photoshop. I use the standard comic book coloring technique of flatting the colors then I make a color layer to do the finished paints.

The brushes I use are from Kyle T Webster. He’s got a ton of awesome brushes up for sale. The ones I use are the Ultimate Watercolor Brushes.

I, also, use textures that I purchased from Jason Brubaker.

If you don’t know who Jason Brubaker is, he’s a self publisher/Comic Book Artist. He has some amazing coloring tutorials that I suggest you check out.

Anyway, for this piece I used a photo of a reef in the background. I blended the photo into the background with the water and sand. I’m a little on the fence about it because, I’m not entirely sure it goes well with the comic book art foreground. However, I’ve spent enough time on this piece that I don’t have the time to draw a reef for it. It’s not perfect, but it’s finished.

I’m on to the next one.

Here is my Mermaid. I hope you like it.


The Accountant Movie

This weekend I decided to go see the movie, ‘The Accountant.’ The accountant is currently receiving a 49% on Well, it’s receiving a 49% from critics and an 87% from audiences.

Normally, the critics and audiences are within 10% of each other. So, this is kind of a confusing rating. Good movie? Or sucky?

The official rating reads something like this:
“The Accountant writes off a committed performance from Ben Affleck, leaving viewers with a scattershot action thriller beset by an array of ill-advised deductions.”

What does ill-advised deductions mean? How would critics know what was or was not cut out of the movie?

Regardless, I side with the audience’s view. I thought it was a good movie. I was entertained from beginning to end.

Did, “The Accountant”, move me in ways I’d never been before? No. It’s not an earth shattering piece of art. But it’s still a dang good movie.

I thought Affleck did a great job. I was rooting for his character the whole movie.

The story was filled with just enough plot twists to keep you engaged. I don’t want to give away too much. But, I will recommend this movie to anyone who asks.

Worst Movie of All Time

krampus-2Back in the late 80’s there was a movie called, “The Barbarians”, that I touted as being the worst movie I had ever seen. A year later, the movie, “Caddyshack 2”, gave the Barbarians a run for it’s money.

So, since the late 80’s, the worst movie I had ever seen was a toss-up between, “The Barbarians”, and, “Caddyshack 2”.

Well, that time has come and passed. The worst move I’ve ever seen is now a slam dunk; “Krampus 2.”

I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios this year. One of the haunted houses was Krampus. So, last night while searching for a scary movie to watch, I come across, Krampus, and think, oh, it must be good. Universal has a haunted house dedicated to it, it must be worth watching.

Holy wow! This movie is bad. The poor writing is only matched by the horrible acting and direction.

The plot is basically there is some demon who captures naughty kids around Christmas time…. and kills them. You can tell the rest of the story is pretty much made up as they go along.

Krampus himself is a cheesy looking demon in a santa outfit that moves so slowly I found myself yelling at the screen, “Go, damn you! Get to steppin’!” I’ve seen geriatrics with walkers who have more spring to their step. He’s partnered with a guy who is also dressed as santa. Then later in the movie they reveal that he really IS santa.

There’s also some cops that are investigating the kidnappings. Oh, and there is a gang of fat out of shape guys, and one busty lady who want to kill one of the cops. What that has to do with the plot of the movie? Nothing. They probably owed the gang leader guy some money so they gave him a part in the movie.

Also, there is a pretty graphic sex scene that also has nothing to do with the plot of the movie.

SPOILER ALERT: Everyone dies. Nobody cares.

There you have it. The worst movie I’ve ever seen. Krampus 2.